Student Accommodation in Hyde Park

As estate agents, LV Properties pride ourselves on providing exceptional student accommodation near Hyde Park. With over 15 years’ experience, we know what it takes to create accommodation that is fit for student life and furnished with everything you need.

We take care to locate our properties within easy access of your university and the local social scene, so you are free to make the most of the most formative years of your life. Our luxury student accommodation gives you access to the highest possible standard of living while you study.

Hyde Park

Houses & Flats to Rent in Hyde Park

At LV Properties, we believe that everyone deserves the finest living experience during their time at university, and your budget shouldn’t define how comfortable you are. That’s why our luxury houses to rent and flats to rent are furnished with all the essentials you need during your academic years.

Our properties near Hyde Park offer a wide range of perks, including access to the University of Leeds and surrounding institutions, and the health and wellbeing benefits of an urban green area. Take a look at our available properties:

Get the most of your uni years in Hyde Park by visiting these recognised student destinations:

Hyde Park Book Club

Hyde Park Book Club
Hyde Park Book Club is a down to Earth bar with a completely vegan and vegetarian menu. Switch off as you enjoy live music, comedy and a wide range of other indie events complemented by cocktails and good food. Its book-lined walls and intimate seating area are perfect for spending a night with friends or taking yourself on a solo date.

Cinder Moor

The Cinder Moor
Bordering Woodhouse Moor, The Cinder Moor was originally levelled to create a cricket pitch but was redesignated as a green space in 1973. Along with Woodhouse, it makes a lovely spot to sit or stroll and take in the scenery. If you need a breath of fresh air, take yourself to Cinder Moor and fill your lungs with nature.

Brudenell social club

Brudenell Social Club
Brudenell Social Club is a music and arts venue, designed for all. With excellent disabled access and on-site Pieminster, you’ll be set for a night of fantastic entertainment. Their rich history of hosting secret gigs and concerts that span genres has made it famous for being one of the best social spots in Leeds. Browse events on their website.

Left Bank Leeds

Left Bank Leeds
This arts venue is situated in the historic setting of the former St Margaret of Antioch church building, and embraces the arts with open arms. Left Bank Leeds supports the evolving nature of arts and has grown into a popular watering hole for emerging artists, musicians and innovators. Their on-site cafe bar is open throughout the week.


Gryphon Sports Centre
The Gryphon Sports Centre is the home of the university’s netball and volleyball programmes. If you’re attending the University of Leeds and crave the camaraderie and wellbeing benefits of joining a sports club, this is the place to be. With state-of-the-art facilities and performance floor, it is ideal for thriving young athletes.


medieval bear pit

Headingley Bear Pit
Headingley Bear Pit is one of Leeds’ most unusual attractions. Often described as having the facade of a medieval theme park, this site was once part of Leeds Zoological and Botanic Gardens which closed soon after opening. The bear pit is the only remaining structure and is used to mark the history of the site whilst shining a light on the historic treatment of animals.

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