Student Accommodation in Woodhouse

Often overlooked in years gone by but maybe now the new place to be! Woodhouse has had a serious facelift over the last decade and now boasts some of the most incredible student houses that Leeds (and probably anywhere else) has to offer!

Everything that Hyde Park is famous for is still within a short walk and you’re likely to get a student house here, closer to uni, whilst managing to save a few pounds on rent to spend in the pub instead!

A little bit more leafy and a little bit quieter, Woodhouse is a firm favourite for those moving into final years at uni.


Your university years are the most formative, and where you live matters just as much as where you learn.

LV Properties take pride in being your go-to source for high-end student accommodation in Woodhouse that give you the freedom to relax and enjoy the most formative years of your life. Our spacious properties offer unparalleled luxury for students in Leeds.

Woodhouse room
woodhouse garden
Woodhouse room accommodation

With over 15 years’ experience, our knowledge of the ideal student home has informed the furnishing of each house and flat, as well as their strategic location. We take care to choose accommodation that is located strategically to provide easy access to your university and the vibrant social scene. 

Houses & Flats to Rent in Woodhouse

At LV Properties, we believe that every student deserves the finest living experience during their academic years which is why we provide luxury houses to rent and flats to rent that are furnished with all the essentials for student life.

Woodhouse is home to the University of Leeds, and our accommodation in the area offers excellent access to the university’s grounds. You can rest knowing that you are living in a safe area of Leeds, surrounded by an environment that is leafier and quieter than the City Centre. Take a look at our available properties:

Live it up in Woodhouse by visiting these recognised student destinations: 

Otley Run 
The Otley Run is a must for any student’s bucket list. This famous pub crawl concludes near Woodhouse, where you can slip safely into your accommodation. Whether you enjoy drinking, or are simply in it for the social experience, this popular rite of passage will bond you and your flatmates with memories that will last a lifetime.

woodhouse moor park leeds

Woodhouse Moor
Woodhouse Moor is an open park canopied by trees and perfect for getting out into nature. From taking a midday stroll to studying in the shade on a sunny day, you’ll be able to access this green space directly from your accommodation. Their multi-use games area, bowling green and skate park will give you a breather from urban life. 

hyde park small cinema

Hyde Park Picture House
Hyde Park Picture House is a community focussed cinema aimed at showing new independent films, family friendly classics and artist films. Alongside the cinema, their accessible heritage building hosts a wide range of social activities from live comedy to educational workshops; bringing people together from across the city of Leeds.

axe throwing

Whistle Punks Axe Throwing
If you’re seeking a thrilling day out that won’t fall short on laughter, Whistle Punks Axe Throwing is the ideal spot. The beauty of this experience is that you don’t have to be any good, just sling some axes and hope you hit the bullseye. Don’t forget to book the food and drinks package so you can sit back and fill up when you’ve exhausted your shoulders.

Library, Leeds, might seem unsuspecting but is known as a favourite destination for students in Leeds. Located on the edge of Hyde Park, this pub is a great place to pick up some pub grub in an intimate and chilled atmosphere. For those with dietary requirements, Library also serves fantastic vegan and vegetarian options. 

yoga in headingley Leeds

The Yoga Space 
Switch off your brain from studying and take part in a Yoga class that will relax your mind and body. Unlike many fitness classes, The Yoga Space offers classes, including an online subscription, that is affordable for students. From day retreats to weekly classes, free your creative mind and engage in self-care that is separate from uni. 

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